Friday, June 25, 2010

Why You Should Invest in Gold Bullion - Gold Bullion Investment Secrets

Ever wonder why you should invest gold bullion? Over the last couple of years, individuals have wondered, "Should I or shouldn't I invest gold bullion?" investment in Gold Bullion has attracted a good many “converts”, who had lost their faith in traditional investments like bonds and stocks, or real estate. Economic upset has gotten to a global scale. Household investors who remain with their heads above water are looking for an investment plan which will satisfy their financial necessities. 

Even though the matter of global economics can be difficult, the answer to the question is not. A uncomplicated, “back to basics” plan sees the exact value of all modern currency, that is, “Money has worth due to everyone accepting the idea that it actually has some worth.” Since our nation’s currency was removed from the gold standard, the equivalent of the dollar has been on a sliding scale, and open to manipulation. For instance, the government can keep interest rates lower, to urge borrowing. When extra borrowing has the outcome of bad debt, the government could print extra money to pay back the debt. When extra money is printed, the rate of the existing currency goes down, resulting in inflation. Extra money is needed to pay for services and goods, yet every dollar that is spent has lesser value, because of the over printing of money. The cycle goes on until we possess the issues that we are having these days. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in gold bullion: 

 1) Governments could print paper currency rapidly, but they could not produce gold in mass quantities. 

 2) Gold is an inflation-proof investment which saves your wealth. That is due to gold not being affected by devaluation or inflation because there's a small supply of the precious metal. 

 3) Gold is the one true international money. 

 4) Gold has done well in times of war and instability while other investments have lost their value. 

 5) There have been no recent findings of gold deposits and even if there was, it could take almost 10 years to bring the mine to full productive content. 

6) During the 1970’s and 1980’s when there was a gold run, the cost of gold went up twenty times. 

7)  The economies of China and India are becoming huge powerhouses. They possess a desire to obtain gold. This could drive up the need for gold since there is a smaller supply of available gold.

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