Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What are Credit Suisse Gold Bars?

The credit Suisse gold bars are preferred medium of investment by gold bullion investors. Apart from pure investment purpose, they are used for gifting or as collectors’ priceless possessions. The credit Suisse gold bars are stamped according to the individual preference of the buyers.

While the price of Suisse gold bars varies as per regular market upheavals, they can be bought for as low as 700 pounds. Credit gold Suisse bars is not available all the time; buyers have to intimidate a company regarding their interest and specifications, and they are thus custom created. The makers of Suisse gold bars guarantee 99.99% purity gold and they are perfectly 24 carat in measurement. The purity percentage and weight of the gold bars are stamped upon each gold bar individually.

As an investment venture, the Suisse gold bars are safe under the direction of credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland. The standard size of Suisse gold bars is 15 / 8inches and 15 / 16 inches. Among worldwide buyers, the one troy ounce is the preferred bar size. Due to its global appeal and acceptability, the Suisse gold bars can be sold and bought from any world market, any time – it’s the best secured investment.