Monday, June 28, 2010

Where to Find Gold Bullion Coins for Sale?

Gold is one of the best investments and so most Governments around the world have made it legal to buy to buy and sell gold. As an investor, one should ensure that the gold is genuine and authentic.  So, one should always look for proper channels to buy gold bullion coins.

One of the most authentic and reliable channels is the US mint.  A prospective investor can contact the US mint directly to get quality gold bullion coins. The United States Mint produces 24 and 22 caret gold bullion coins. One can find the catalog of the US mint online. These gold coins manufactured in the US mint are distributed to various national and international dealers. They are also found with different banks and brokerage firms.  An investor can buy the same coins from these places too.

One can also buy from other channels like gold dealers who sell gold bullion coins. But while buying from them, one has to check for the authenticity of the gold, its weight, maker’s mark and the grade stamped in the coin. Gold has no odor or taste and since it is a dense metal like brass, it could be submerged in water to find out its density. Any doubts regarding purity should be clarified with the jewelers and pawn brokers who can conduct the nitric acid test and find out the true legitimacy of the gold.

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