Friday, July 2, 2010

What is a Gold Bullion Ingot?

What is a Gold Bullion Ingot?

Gold bars that are cast with mold rather than being stamped like a gold coin is called as gold ingots. They are also commonly known as Gold biscuits. They are tougher and thicker than coins. Their weights vary from a minimum of 1 gram to a maximum of 12.5 kilograms or 400 ounce troy weight. These gold ingots or gold bars are mostly used in international markets by large companies, business and banks that wish to store their assets in this form.

In general, ingots are not purchased and sold among the small investors as their price range will not vary a lot. They are ideal for storage in safe volts around the world. Many Governments also use them as a hedge against inflation. They are not moved easily though the ownership may change hands.

It is not economical for manufacturers to make gold ingots in small size, typically under  10 grams, because it will n ot be a lucrative investment for them. There will be premiums involved and it will take time for the investors to get any appreciation on their investment. A minimum of 10 ounce of weight in the bar is required to get good profits. In short, it is a good idea to invest in gold bars because they are safe and can give good returns over a period of time.

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